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UI/UX Designer
Zoie Huang

Produc Manager 
Hilaire Brockmeyer


10 weeks

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I worked at the Arapahoe County IT department as the UI/UX Designer. I created the first accessibility UI/UX standards.


The Colorado House Bill 21-1110 mandates that all digital services provided by local governments must be accessible by July 2024. Therefore, these standards I developed are crucial tools to help county employees create digital services that ensure residents with disabilities can access the same information as others.

I worked on this project independently while being supervised by the Product Manager.

In ten weeks, I created the 6 accessibility standards that address the most impactful barriers to user experience. These standards cater to the needs of county employees and include aspects such as an inclusive color scheme, fonts, electronic documents, plain language, responsive layout, and keyboard accessibility.


The accessibility UI/UX standards can be viewed at a Notion site.
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I presented my project to IT-leaderships and other county representatives.

The goals of this presentation are:

  • Raise awareness about utilizing accessibility design as a universal approach and the multitude of benefits it can provide for everyone.

  • The good and bad examples of accessibility design and how assistive technology works.

  • Introduce the standards I created and how we should use them.

  • Help some non-technical audience understand why certain code fails in terms of accessibility.

This video was recorded with consent


 As a result of my work, the standards have been published on the county intranet content management platform. Employees can easily access and utilize them for their respective daily tasks.

What's more, my presentation received buy-in from the leadership. They will be creating a new accessibility management position to carry forward the work I started.

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The standards are published on the intranet

This is a summurized version of the design process, please contact me at

📧 for more details.

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