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4 Student Product Designers


5 Weeks

Narra App

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How to assist individuals suffering from depression or anxiety in achieving their goals?


As a team of four student product designers, we designed a product in the "Advanced UX Design" class over the course of five weeks with the guidance of two instructors.


Our inspiration came from the overwhelming of information overload and social anxiety in the digital age. Our goal was to create a solution that would encourage self-care and bring awareness to the direction of one's attention.


Storyboards | High-fidelity mockups | Prototype | Design System | User Testing | UI Design | User Journey | Personas | Product Design | Business Partnership | Paper Prototyping | Product Pitch and Press Release Writing | Customer-centric

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Zoie introduced Narra project in the final week class


Frame 1.png


On this high-fidelity version, I did the UI design all by myself. 🌟 

Upon logging in, users have the option to select a goal to concentrate on.

On the milestones page, users can add proud moments or start a new journey.

On the journey page, users can access a history of their activities within Narra and view earned badges.

By clicking "Assisted Recording," users are guided to take a deep breath and answer questions to record their story. They can choose to record another story or return to the homepage after wrapping up their thoughts.


To initiate our design process, we explored the problem space by considering three key questions: Users' Goals, Constraints, and Catalysts. The following are the results of our team brainstorming.

What are users' goals?
截屏2022-08-08 22.21.42.png

Obtain insights from appropriate resources to enhance lives.

截屏2022-08-08 22.26.05.png

Establish and attain both professional and personal goals.

截屏2022-08-08 22.26.09.png

Avoid becoming stagnant in specific aspects of their life.

What are users' constraints?
截屏2022-08-08 22.28.53.png

limited time, a perception that tools are cumbersome, and a lack of focus.

What are users' catalysts?
截屏2022-08-08 22.35.26.png
截屏2022-08-08 22.31.03.png
截屏2022-08-08 22.31.07.png


We tried to use the storytelling method to tell stories of ideal customers.

The Persona

Group1: Personal changes goals or habits

Group2: Professional changes, goals, or skills


We discussed the journey from app download to goal achievement, including the opportunities, touch points, and emotions experienced by the user during the onboarding process.


(Click and open in a pop-up window)


As a result of our journey mapping collaboration, we identified the greatest opportunities to be found in "user actions within the app."


To take advantage of these opportunities, we added features such as voice recording, meditation, and visual affirmations. Additionally, we created the milestones and journeys pages to serve as a tracking tool for users' outcomes.

Voice recording is a powerful tool for enhancing mental health

Narrative therapy is a form of therapy that enables individuals to not only find their voice but to also use it for positive change, leading a life that aligns with their goals and values.


How does it work?


The storyboard helps us know when and what will trigger users to download Narra.

Tamara, a 26-year-old accountant, recently moved to a new city and struggles with speaking up


Tamara was interrupted and not recognized during a work meeting.

Tamara searched for help online.


She was overwhelmed with the amount of information.


She tried different methods but none worked.


Tamara tried Narra and found it to be helpful in organizing her emotions and thoughts through the voice recording.


Tamara is recording her thoughts.


At this stage, we have a clear blueprint for who our users are, what the product is, and why they should use Narra. So we went to the user interview to validate our assumptions and found more user needs.

The Interview Questions
The Key Findings


After the user interview, one problem jumped into my mind. What if the users want to ask for the professional therapists' help?


Partnering with Lyra Health can help us build the bridge.

截屏2022-08-21 15.03.55.png

Lyra Health is a mental health resource that provides coaches and mental health professionals to members of their network. Members have access to live chats, guided goal tracking, and evidence-based therapy sessions through the Lyra website.

Why do we choose Lyra Health?​
What can we bring to our partner?


We then incorporated user feedback and made necessary revisions to improve the user experience.


Our ultimate goal was to make sure the product was intuitive while also meeting the user needs. The wireframes and user testing allowed us to validate our ideas and make informed decisions about the product design before moving on to the next stages of development.

截屏2022-07-15 23.21.45.png

0. User downloads the app.

截屏2022-07-16 09.30.03.png

1. User creates an account.

截屏2022-07-16 09.34.59.png

4. Confirmation page: User can confirm the accurateness of their unique stories.

截屏2022-07-16 09.37.23.png

5. Homepage: They can view the value badges they've earned and perform a check-in.

截屏2022-07-16 09.32.16.png

2. Welcome page. Narra is getting to know the user.

截屏2022-07-16 09.32.57.png

3. Survey questions.

截屏2022-07-16 09.41.18.png

6. Record a story: Users can opt for either guided recording or recording on their own.

截屏2022-07-16 09.41.48.png

7. Following the recording, a narrative will be created and the values mentioned in the user's story will be evaluated.

Play the digital paper prototype in Marvel:

What suggestions and feedbacks we received?

  • The time required to complete the onboarding questions

  • Privacy concerns

  • The ability for users to alter their voice during recordings


Frame 2.png

The mid-fidelity wireframe showcases an expanded visualization of features on the onboarding survey, homepage, recording, meditation, and visual affirmations functions.


This version also includes a three-step process for users to complete their customization settings.

The design features four tabs at the bottom of the screen: Home, Discover, Journey, and Badges.


Did the participants express positive feedback towards the designs?

Yes! They expressed that they liked the quotes that are sent after completing tasks, and also enjoyed the reward system (badges) within the app.

We invited 4 participants test the mid-fidelity wireframes on these 5 tasks.


未命名設計 (2).png
What modifications were made following the results of the second user testing?
Group 35366.png

The purpose of regularly recording personal stories is to gain a deeper understanding of our values to achieve our goals. That's why I incorporated a "microphone" into the design as one of Narra's avatars.




Users have the ability to edit it by clicking the pencil icon.

Personalized experience, with users receiving relevant, well-sourced information on a daily basis.

The design features a list of task cards.


Narra provides two recording options


meet narra.png


Another avatar of Narra included in the design, with the hope that users will be able to interact with Narra as if it were their personal assistant.


The "Breathwork" section allows users to control and participate in meditations.


Narra provides various guided meditation scripts based on individual goals.


Positive feedback is given to users upon completion of their recording.

Users are able to listen to their previous recordings after they have completed each one.

that's a wrap.png



The design includes scenarios for users to engage with.

Users have the option to select the duration of each meditation session and turn the background music on or off.


Following the meditation session, users will receive an inspirational quote.


Users have the ability to select the length of their visual affirmations based on their availability, with options ranging from a 1-minute value boost to a 5-minute extended session.


The "Milestones" section serves as a collection of proud moments and serves as the end-point for users' goals.


The "Journey" page serves as an archive, allowing users to see how long they've been on their journey and track their moods.


They can add milestones to celebrate their accomplishments, and earn badges as another incentive to engage with Narra.


If you are interested in learning more about our product, we have created a "Product Pitch" and "Press Release" to showcase it publicly. Please feel free to read more below! :)

Product Pitch

Narra: You’re the only person who can tell your story. What is the story you are living? Our core customers are people interested in self-improvement. Self-improvement starts with the journey within, and our customers recognize this. They may be struggling with negative self-image, trying to overcome negative behaviors, or seeking to resolve the gap between where they are at currently and where they desire to be. What makes them unique to this opportunity is their ability to improve the stories they tell about themselves, leading to more inspired and intentional action. Core customers might be introverts, adolescents, self-help enthusiasts, ambitious professionals, or otherwise. Additionally, they may be dissatisfied with some aspect of their life (romantic, hobby, professional, academic, social, etc.), and are seeking improvement. They may not know how to get from where they currently are to where they desire to be, or perhaps they do know and just need some assistance getting there. Narra is a tool for mindfulness, inspiration, and intentional self-narration. The main issue our customers face is aligning their inner values and aspirations to the reality of their lives. More concretely speaking, our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs impact the actions we take. If we think we are not capable of something, we will not take that action, even if that action is in alignment with the person we wish to become and/or the values we profess to have. Whatsmore, as h umans, we’ve evolved as a species through language and storytelling is how we make sense of the world. We create stories, whether we are conscious of them or not. For example, one may experience negative effects when raising their hand during class to speak up and not understand why. If they were to probe further, they might discover a story there. Learned behaviors and beliefs, perhaps based on a past experience, might tell the story that they have nothing worthwhile to say. But is that true? Of course not. And what if they want to become a thought leader, what small shifts in thoughts and feelings could they take that can produce actions, however small, that could support their esteemed values and identity. Therein lies the opportunity for customers to use Narra. It is important to our customers because it is their life experience. Narra allows customers to become introspective about their thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and begin to shape them according to the person they would like to become. Narra provides customers tools for introspection, so customers can take small actions that are in alignment with the person they want to become. Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are all interconnected and create our life experiences. Narra is also applicable in a wider context. One of the main features of the app is customizability, considering the uniqueness of our individual life stories. We may experience different struggles or have different values, Narra is therefore relevant to the customer who might be an introvert but wants to lead a richer social life; To the customer who is an adolescent working to develop a positive self-concept and self-image; And to the customer who is a professional seeking to rise to the top of their career ladder but first must overcome negative self-beliefs. In summary, the through-line between our customers’ problems, and the opportunity that exists for each one of them, is the ability to, through introspection, gain ownership of their life story. Where are you now? Are you in alignment with the person you desire to become? Narra helps customers to consider such questions. The app starts by onboarding customers with a survey, considering their current struggles, goals, beliefs, and values; It supports the ongoing relationships we have to ourselves, and the alignment of our esteemed desires, values, to our lived stories. Where is your attention going at any given moment? Sporadic questions and journaling prompts interwoven throughout the day, might help to redirect thoughts to their intended direction. Opt in for script challenges and become more attuned to your inner dialogue. The app offers voice-to-text features to make it more accessible, and easy to use when you are on the go. Narra supports the small actions you can take to become more aligned with the person you would like to become. Narra recognizes the intricacies of the human experience, in truth, we never actually “arrive.” We are constantly, growing, shifting, and adapting– our stories are ever-evolving. The app supports the process of exploring the meaning and taking ownership of our lived experience. Continue to iterate on your script/voice recordings, listen to them back. Drawn from a wide array of influences, we can all become the hero of our own journey.

Press Release

The Power of Your Personal Narrative Narra - A Voice Recorder App for Self-Help Developed by UW Students. Discover your values and set your goals. In Narra, you will hone your personal narrative to change your life. Seattle, 5th February 2022 – This spring, the students from Communication in Leadership of the University of Washington launched a new wellness app – Narra, for self-improvement and self-narrative. Recording your story with your voice, everyone can learn to inspire themselves, listen to the inner voice, reorganize their thoughts, and take good care of mental health. Whether we're aware of it or not, as humans, we are constantly immersed in stories. The story is the way we make sense of the world. Many of the stories we develop about ourselves are told on the unconscious level. Narra lets you become more intentional with your story, as both the author and hero of your journey. Information overload, online social anxiety, relationships, and the pressure of self-expectation make people lose in personal values and life goals. People feel overwhelmed and powerless, and cognitive fatigue. Now, take steps to be aware, awake to the direction of our attention. Narra provides a space for users to think, reflect, attune to, and support themselves. With regular personal story recording, we deepen our understanding of our values and find the ability to achieve our goals. Every recording is one of the pieces of our journey, helping us align more with our personal values and become active tellers of our life stories. Open the Narra app, the built-in inspiration function will help you express your inner emotions. Are you happy today? What have you accomplished today? A simple prompt asks users to reflect on an area in their life through a voice recording of their daily story. Are too many thoughts distracting you? Try the meditation function. The practice involves paying close attention to the present moment, helping you focus your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. After these two steps, you are ready to be a storyteller of your own life. Narrate and create your stories! “Our actions are intertwined with the stories we tell ourselves, whether conscious or unconscious.” Trischa Schramm, one of the Narra designers said. The design team believes that Narra will reinforce value-driven personal narratives with voice technology, goal tracking, and resources. “Narra is an all-in-one place that integrates resources I need,” Amie Guidry, the user of Narra shared, “The power of narrative storytelling to soothe or spur me to action is more crucial than ever!” Narra is more than just a voice recorder; it is your journey tracker, personal coach, and self-growth partner. We believe the world would be a better place if collectively people were more intentional about the stories they told. Become an intentional narrator with Narra.


One of the challenges we faced was helping users understand the functionality and what can be achieved through the use of our product. To address this, we decided users to input a clear and specific objective for seeking help.


Additionally, we continued to develop our rewards system to encourage user engagement, as providing incentives naturally motivates users to complete tasks.

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UX Designer

Zoie Huang

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